Unique Fitness North East is the home of HOWDON BOXING ACADEMY, one of the leading Boxing gyms in the area.

Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two individuals exchange punches with each other with gloved hands. At amateur level, boxers wear gloves and protective headgear and aim to score points on one another by landing qualifying punches on the head or torso of their opponent. In order to win the bout a boxer must outscore their opponent on points or inflict enough damage for the referee to stop the contenst and so dictate winning the fight.

Amateur Boxing is an Olympic and Commonwealth Sport, found in almost every country around the world and Amateur Boxing is what we teach here at Howdon Boxing Academy. Our sport, being one of the toughest on the planet, physically and mentally, challenges participants to be at peak fitness as well as skill levels.

We believe boxing teaches all participants necessary life skills such as:

  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Determination
  • Humility

Senior Boxing

Boxing training for anyone aged 14+. Training is available for everyone from complete beginners to experienced fighters, with experienced and proven coaches.

Junior Boxing

Boxing instruction for boys and girls under the age of 14. We provide training for those new to the sport as well as those with more experience.

Find out more about Howdon Boxing Academy, including full details of the services we offer, our principles and ethos, the history of the club and our success in boxing competitions.

Howdon Boxing Academy has a rich tradition of working with the local community, helping people of all backgrounds and abilities to learn more about the sport, and helping each individual get the most out of all that boxing has to offer.

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