Christopher Hedley

I’ve always been somewhat active:

  • Regular Parkour/Freerunning from early teens to 20s
  • General training in gyms
  • Short & Longer distance Running; from regular 1.5 mile runs to occasional Longer 20-30 milers
  • Cross-country Obstacle course events, Plenty of winter fun runs and “river dips” and Running/Hiking weekends in the lake district

Fast forward past all that and I have dabbled in a small variety of OCR events, Ran the national 3 peaks and the lake district 10 peaks challenge alongside the same close group of friends who I first met as my fitness instructors in a local council gym.

While studying to become a qualified PT I explored a few different avenues of “Health & Fitness”:

Tried some training in Crossfit for a short while.

Dabbled in Weightlifting, Kettlebells (a tool I still love), sought out online coaching from great friends in the field of Gymnastic Strength training and continuously strive to broaden and deepen my understanding of Health and Strength.

I pride myself on trying to help focused people find their “Better”.

Be it Health, More Strength, Better Endurance or Feeling more Confident & Capable.

Through Simple, Concise and Clear coaching I aim to include, not confuse. Advice is to be flexible, not concrete and unmoving.

Through this flexibility I hope to help you build habits and put in the ground work to make consistent and meaningful changes to your lifestyle and health.

We aim to make you:

  • Stronger and More Powerful
  • Capable and more confident in yourself
  • More resilient through dedicated strength training, aerobic work & building better habits
  • Overall “Fitter. Stronger. Better”


Online Coaching

Personal Training (1-1 / 2-1 semi private)

Programme Design


Chris Hedley

E: info.circularroots@gmail.com

M: 07925116794 (text preferred)

Website: https://circularrootscoaching.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/circularrootscoaching (Page)

https://facebook.com/groups/fsb.circularrootscoaching (“Fitter, Stronger, Better” Group)

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